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I helped create this site because I love the news and I love to learn. I use to read our city's paper from front to back and was a faithful watcher of the evening news. I watched Nightline and bought Time and Newsweek regularly. But I have been saddened to watch journalistic standards and integrity die. Real journalism has been replaced by narrative journalism and is thus, not journalism. My old boss told me once: “Every issue has two sides. Every position has a positive and a negative. And if you do not know both, you are not making an educated decision.' MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski told her audience once: It's 'our job' to control exactly what people think. No it is not. That is indoctrination. People deserve to hear both sides of an issue and to make their decision accordingly. That is how good decisions are made. That is how people understand each other. That is how people grow and a society prospers. Even more troubling is the war on free speech under the guise of controlling “hate speech.” I saw that coming for it is not about hate speech. It never was. If it was then the standard would be applied to all groups equally, but is only actually applied to the politically undesirable. In the end it is about control. Controlling speech, controlling the agenda, controlling education, and in the end, controlling you. Every major political platform boils down to one question. Does it give you more freedom or less? Or does it give the Government more power or not? Without free speech every other right becomes irrelevant. And I am sure if any “hate speech” law is applied, it will be used by one side to oppress the other side. How do I know this? Because it has happened before, and it is happening now elsewhere. Because of this threat, a group of people came together to create this site. We are a group of independents, libertarians, conservatives, and liberals that believe that freedom of speech is important and that the news should be fair and unbiased. We feel that there are two sides to any issue and that both sides are rarely presented in today's news services. We have all worked create a site that can be home for users of every political stripe where the user, not the site, has control of the information presented to them. We want the user to be exposed, or have the opportunity to view both sides of the argument. It is hoped that this will lead to a better understanding of opposing viewpoints and perhaps lessen the division in our country,