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A company calendar is a mainstay for many gift presentations to clients and business contacts at Christmas time; they come in all shapes Cheap Ryan Strome Jersey , sizes and taste ranging from the professionally shot and prepared iconic office gifts to the tacky and pornographic. In between lies the vast majority of calendars and many could do with a little e makeover in the imagination department but never the less, these gifts last for an entire year and therein lies their marketing worth.

Imagine how much you would have to pay to have an advertisement for your business in the newspaper every day of the year and still have no guarantee that your target audience will actually see it? This is exactly what a calendar achieves; an office and work tool which the recipient of your calendar gift is likely to use every single working day! You can see very quickly that you should be putting something extra into the design and production of the calendar and here are some ideas for you to consider.

Use Your Best Asset - Your Employees

Every month of the year usually ends up with some glossy photograph of landscape Cheap Adam Larsson Jersey , fast car or good looking model; everyone does this so why should you? Try using your own staff as the subject so you are communicating to your customers and the world at large the human faces who are frequently nothing more than an impersonal email address or a disembodied voice on the telephone. This pays dividends too when it comes to your relations with your staff - you are promoting hem as they promote your business and it's a win-win situation.

Use Your Customers

Try using your customers as your subjects instead of seasonal countryside scenes; take the opportunity to demonstrate real-life case studies of how your business has helped a customer with a good quality photograph of them and their business. This creates variety and interest while advancing your company image and reputation for satisfying customer needs and demands very well. It is also great for creating variety within the calendar itself so each month will have a very different subject but the story will be the same theme - how well your business stakes care of customers. Your customers will probably be happy to cooperate too as after all they're getting some free exposure from your efforts so again, it's a win-win situation.

Avoid Religious Cheap Kris Russell Jersey , Political and Non-PC Themes

You never know who is going to see your calendar (or any themed business stationery or communication) so you need to be circumspect when it comes to the themes and subjects. Generally steer clear of religious subjects though you can include Christmas as though many people do not appreciate the religious aspects of the festival, it is nevertheless an almost universal time of good cheer. Avoiding political themes or any subject which may be construed as being overtly racist or prejudiced is a very good idea - do you really want to end up losing a good customer because you vote one way and they don't?

Calendars Aren't Just For Hanging on the Wall

Don't restrict yourself to a calendar that will sit on the desk or hand on the wall. Think outside the box a little and consider other formats which will serve the same function such as plastic cards with a calendar imprinted for use in the wallet or purse Cheap Wayne Gretzky Jersey , or how about a calendar which is made of something different from paper or card?Discovery Wednesday in Huntington Park

Posted by johnparker39 on June 1st, 2016

If you are parents and have kids who are I grades K-8 then this information surely needs your attention. What makes children learn faster? The answer is through innovative activity based practical lessons. So here is that opportunity for your children who are aged between 5 and 14 to attend such activity session. Hunting ton Park Library is coming up with such an activity session. The event is Discovery Wednesday.

The event is scheduled on Wednesday May 25 Cheap Connor McDavid Jersey , 2016 at Hunting Ton Park Library which is located at 6518 Miles Avenue, Huntington Park Cheap Leon Draisaitl Jersey , California, 90255. The timings for the event are 3:00 PM. Children will do many activities. The subjects covered will include technology Cheap Edmonton Oilers Hats , science, math and engineering. This STEM session will is extremely beneficial for the children of grades K-8. They will have hands on various activities. The event has age restrictions and so only children between specified ages can participate i.e. 5-8 years. To reach the innovative event in time reserve your taxi cab Norwalk now.

These innovative sessions are very interesting and beneficial for the children as in this age they have their brains developing fast. They are curious and always wanting to learn and know more. They are adventurous and like practical activity based lessons and not just boring class room lectures. In the fast life today this is supported by science and technology Cheap Edmonton Oilers Hoodies , when children are only going and coming from school and later get busy completing home work. This session will prove very refreshing .for them.

They will learn more by performing activities outside their books. This session will develop curiosity in their minds. They will be inclined to know new things. We all realize that curious minds are progressive minds. So all those progressive minded parents who believe in practical and innovative activity based learning must make their children participate in this discovery Wednesday at Hunting ton Park library. They will not find the book lessons boring but will understand their book lessons more easily after this activity based practical session. This Discovery Wednesday will be repeated on June 1, and then on June 8. So to reach this event in time and avoid all parking problems you must choose Cheap Edmonton Oilers Shirts , taxi whittier and enjoy a comfortable ride to the venue.

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