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According to a recent study of Americans searching online for products and services Cheap Mike Smith Hoodie , 77% searched by keyword, not by name brands or business names. This study (?Search Before the Purchase,? February 16, 2005, by "DoubleClick" in conjunction with "ComScore Networks") is relevant to businesses whose websites do not appear at the top of the prominent results pages of traditional Internet search engines whenever consumers search for their product or service types.

In an attempt to increase their search engine rankings, millions of businesses have participated in ?pay-per-click? keyword bidding. Unfortunately, according to the Federal Trade Commission Cheap Troy Brouwer Hoodie , several million businesses have allegedly been defrauded with a phenomenon known in the industry as ?click fraud?. This occurs when top-ranked websites are repeatedly ?clicked on? by specially-designed software programs or individuals in third world countries whose job it is to deplete the prepaid accounts from which per-click bid amounts are automatically deducted.

News of a recently launched online search 'vehicle? has emerged and has industry analysts making favorable comments and predicting a meteoric rise to fame and fortune for this new entity due to its unique features and the affordable, flat-rate pricing (with no need for pay-per-click bidding or resulting click-fraud) for businesses who join as members.

One of the unique features is the inclusion of online ?virtual media? such as virtual print, virtual audio, and virtual video which becomes part of the specially-graphically-designed results listings of 'member businesses? who join. Porn and other ostensibly-offensive websites and their sponsoring businesses are not allowed to join, making this entity truly ?family-friendly?, and, possibly Cheap Dougie Hamilton Hoodie , a much better place for businesses to be associated with than the 3000+ other search engines teeming with Paris Hilton, and much worse.

Analysts also predict that while tens or even hundreds of thousands of American businesses will take advantage of the current discounted, introductory rates being offered by the site's local Affiliate Member Business Enrollers, most businesses will gladly pay the significantly higher, all-inclusive membership rates once the site is make famous with American consumers by way of a national advertising campaign, including key ?product placement? media advertising, that is already scheduled.

Although in its infancy Cheap Travis Hamonic Hoodie , this exciting entity ( ) offers an enormous upside for all businesses, small or large, retail or wholesale, manufacturing or service oriented. Now is the time to enroll so your media selections can be produced and broadcast online prior to the national marketing campaign. Already, television commercials, radio spots, and print ads are being run in selected markets Cheap Sean Monahan Hoodie , with outstanding results. In addition to the ads and marketing campaign, this entity is also soliciting field salespersons to take the message to prospective businesses, to assist in enrollment particulars. This combination is sure to make this entity a household name in far less time than the eight or nine years it took the top search engine to get where it is today, at a stock price around $400 per share, and it did no advertising, relying only on word or mouth ? imagine how quickly that time span can be reduced with multimedia marketing and sales persons in the field.

With some analysts already calling ?clickspotz? the ?Future of Search on the Internet,? this one could make using the Internet a whole lot easier for all of us. Consumers are not even required to type Cheap Matthew Tkachuk Hoodie , or spell, or remember confusing web addresses, or even remember the name of businesses. Instead, using only four mouse-clicks, they can get the exclusive listing of any enrolled business in the USA or Puerto Rico. Unbelievably easy to use, as it was designed based on actual research data of consumers and businesses, and having the combination of ease of use with speedy Cheap Mikael Backlund Hoodie , clear, and concise results, free from porn, pop-ups, and those confusing 'relevant listings?, this entity is spiced up with audio spots, video tours Cheap Kris Versteeg Hoodie , streaming video, value-added printables, and links to maps with driving directions and more, should earn this a permanent bookmark on computers everywhere.

Keep Customers Happy While Your Are Away Business Articles | September 7, 2007

Whether you work in a regular office or out of your home, it is very important to take time off to refresh and recharge. Of course, when you take time off Cheap TJ Brodie Hoodie , you want to be sure your customers are in good hands while you are away. Author Wendy Maynard provides tips on how to keep customers happy while you are away.

Whether you work in a regular office or out of your home, it is very important to take time off to refresh and recharge. Of course, when you take time off, you want to be sure your customers are in good hands while you are away. You certainly don't want them to feel abandoned or forgotten. Customer service is a big part of effective marketing.

The following suggestions will help keep your customers connected to you and reduce your worries so you can totally unwind on your vacation.

1. Plan in advance and let them know If you plan your vacation and business trips well in advance, you can easily let your customers know when you you'll be away. If you work on your own, make sure they know exactly what dates you leave and come back. If you have an assistant or business partner, take the time to carefully prep them in advance so they can keep everything running smoothly while you are gone. Checklists can be very helpful during this time to ensure things are run according to you.

2. Don't be afraid to say "no" so you have time to finish things If a client asks you to do something during your time off or to take on a big project with a deadline right before you leave Cheap Mark Giordano Hoodie , simply s. Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys China   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping   Cheap Vintage NFL Jerseys