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People believing Nothing exploded and Created everything is very strange: They know the universe had a beginning, because there is only a finite amount of Gas in the Universe they know its burning away, They know its all going to burn out one day and all become Cold dead and Dark, They know the energy in the universe can't last forever into infinity, So therefore it had to have all started somehow, The Big Bang Theory not the big bang fact is such a Ridiculous idea its scary people believe in it, even if they had evidence of Knew Stars (Suns) forming which they don't but if they did, they know there is only a certain amount of Gas (Energy) in the Universe, it all has to Run out one day, So they HAVE TO make up a Hypothesis on how it started, they have no choice to think up fantasy's on how it began, on hypotheses like that, everything in the universe Crunched and packed itself into one point smaller than an Atom ,halarious, How infinity packed down into one point then Exploded Creating everything is so Ridiculous, how basically nothing exploded and created everything is so incredibly silly its mind boggling that people actually swallow it, Atheists/Evolutionists will find out one day where all the Energy and power came from, people who believe this and teach this will be Burning in that all powerful Creators Energy and wrath for there stupidity and lie spreading.

This is the Theory,, or more like fantastic weak Flacid Hypothesis, because if you can't test a SCIENTIFIC THEORY you throw it out and get another one, as the Big Bang or more Accurately the Big expansion says: in the Beginning there was Nothing No Time Space Or Matter, LOL!! Funny I know but this is what the theory or weak Flacid hypothesis says, than there was an incredibly hot Point (No explanation on how the point got there) A trillion times smaller than an Atom and in a Trillionth of a Trillionth of a second IT JUST STARTED EXPANDING it got bigger and Bigger until it Created all the Space Time and matter we know Today, so, Nothing Exploded/Expanded and Created Everything, Nothing is not Really Nothing its Something, HAHAHA!!! and Atheists call Christians Crazy, it takes more faith to believe in That Tripe, than to believe in an Omnipresent Omnipotent all Powerful Living Creator (The Lord Jesus Christ) than it does to believe Nothing Created Everything, Non life Can not Create Life, the only thing science as observed is that it takes Life to Create life.

The Big Bang Weak Flacid hypothesis is not a Scientific Theory because it can never be tested and then reproduced, So to call it a Theory is unscientific.. Evolution R.I.P.