One Dad Talks Affordable Promotions
Do you sell on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy or anywhere else? Are you in need of product descriptions, reviews or unboxing videos to help promote your product? Contact me Or email me at [email protected] I offer a range of services for a nice low price. Simple website review: I will review your website and give you feedback as a new customer. $5 Unboxing videos: I will open your product in a well-lit environment and then if you would like even show it being used. Original music track, voice over and even your logo can be added. Price ranges from $10-$35. Product descriptions: Improve your reviews and feedback with more accurate product descriptions. I will write your product descriptions for your product for $5 for 5 products. That's only $1 a product. I will review (verified or unverified) your products right on the product page for one low price of $5. With photos! Get a hold of me today and let me help you sell!