Pegida Canada
GENERAL PEGIDA CANADA POSITION PAPER 1. PEGIDA is FOR the admission of genuine war refugees and political refugees or those who suffer religious persecution. 2. PEGIDA is FOR the INTEGRATION of refugees into our land and culture. 3. PEGIDA is FOR the utilization and implementation of existing laws on asylum and deportation! 4. PEGIDA is FOR a zero-tolerance policy against delinquent asylum seekers and migrants! 5. PEGIDA is FOR resistance to misogyny and violent political ideology. 6. PEGIDA is FOR preserving and protecting our Christian-Judaeo based culture. 7. PEGIDA is AGAINST arms sales to unconstitutional, illegal or terrorist organizations. 8. PEGIDA is AGAINST allowing parallel societies in our midst, such as Sharia law, Sharia police, etc. 9. PEGIDA is AGAINST radicalism whether religious or politically motivated! 10. PEGIDA is AGAINST preachers of hate, no matter what religion you belong to! Pegida Canada is a group of like minded Canadians that are bringing awareness to the people in regards to threats to our great country. We want to preserve our culture. We are labelled by the leftist as a white supremacist or neo nazi based movement and that is so far from the truth. We respect the First Nations Culture that were here before colonization, we also respect Veterans and those men and women who still serve to protect our great country. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
This page is for the video, Pictorial & documentation of a HO scale Model Railroad. It is intended for it to be modeled after the Bessemer & Lake Erie prototype with of course some exceptions. 1) as if it was still independently owned and operated in the present day. (Prototype currently owned by Canadian National) 2) will operate in different eras in time following a layout design element (LDE) matrix. 3) will be module/sectional construction with a modified TOMA concept.
Damon Mankey
United Striped Bass -2- Game Fish Association
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OUR GAME FISH DEFINITION : Is intended to recognize and include the Commercial Fishing Industry, but also assure an individuals interest and ability to catch and/or retain a fish (Striped Bass), for Personal Consumption, when Recreational Fishing, Operating a Business or Charter Operation. AS AN ASSOCIATION : Our Mission, We need to decide what fish species, ( Striped Bass ) should qualify as a Game Fish within the 7 States of : ( MA,RI,NY,DE,MD,VA,NC ). Then collectively collaborate, under the USB-2-GFA, in order to form a written : ( Definition and/or State Definition ) of a Game Fish. STEP TWO : Writing A Bill & Having It Presented, "The Definition of Game Fish" must then be written into Legislation in the form of a "New Game Fish Bill" for each state. We then present the "Bill" to be introduced, recognized, then enacted upon, by the States Governing and Regulating Authority's, in order to become a Legally Recognized Game Fish Law in each state. PS : The USB-2-GFA would also like to recognize the Mariculture and/or Aquaculture Farmers who are now in the process of raising All Fish including Striped Bass for retail sale. These companies will have to distinguish themselves and their Final Product as farm raised, and not a Game Fish, in a way recognized by All The Respective Organizations Involved.
John West