This is a page that will never influence anyone in who to vote for. It's purpose is to point out wrong-doing or corruption within Government. With an election fast approaching, every Canadian should be informed. Your freedoms and state of living depend on it. Speak up for injustice.....protect your rights! What better way than through social media and word of mouth. The most important thing is to try to remain calm and respectful......not hateful or rude. We are all adults with varying views, in which we are all entitled to, but our actions speak volumes. Earn respect for what you speak or share, without getting into pointless arguments or debates.
June (Nicholas) Melanson
Standing with Trump
We believe in free and fair elections with honour and respect due to our leaders. We stand with Trump & Pence - agreeing with the liberty and freedom that the constitution offers. We will not be silenced; manipulated or governed by lies like puppets on a string. WWG1 WGA
Ren L