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A place where Truth is shared on all subjects but must be done with actual verifiable facts, figures, and evidance under the conviction that God is our witnesses to our sharing of the Truth! The Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth. NOTE: You are encourage and challenged to debate any post but you must do so only with Facts, Figures and Credible Verifiable Evidance. In other words you must do your homework. ALSO NOTE: No Disrespect of any kind or abusive language in any way shape or form is Permitted or Tolorated.
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DWMtrains is video history of a soon to be constructed MODEL RAILROAD. It will also be a TEST group to see if this RIGHT2VOICE social platform can grow in other areas of interest such as HOBBIES. ~ MORE INFO TO COME AS TIME PERMITS.~ Damon
Tulsi Gabbard 2020
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Unofficial page for Tulsi Gabbard's 2020 Presidential Campaign and Tulsi fans. #postdankmemes
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