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Excellent article about the demise of our "justice" systwm
is now friends with Christin Fleming
FuckBook allowed me back on for 1 day before making up an excuse to ban me for another 30 days
Cecilia Rivera
Good heaven's. There are several others including a friend of mine who banned until the middle of April. Seriously, fakebook makes any excuse why they are banning users.
How original of the Agenda Media to use trumatized children to push their agenda
Sharon Hundley Chesley
Never let a tragedy go to waste.
Bobby - it's right out of Hitler's playbook........
Guy Demory
Yes, it is a disgraceful thing to do.
Sharon Hundley Chesley
I bookmarked the youtube video Moi, I'll have to wait until next week to watch it. I have limited internet here and I'm about to go over.
Why are all the posts on my feed so old? The newest one says Marchm20
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